Information on the doctoral programmes and procedure for obtaining a doctoral (PhD) degree at the University of Miskolc for international students.


 The University of Miskolc invites applications every March for places in its doctoral programmes within the accredited doctoral schools. 


1. Programme formats

 Organised doctoral programme (48 months) full-time porganised programme according to an individual timetable

In addition to the organised doctoral programme there is the option of individual preparation (minimum one year, maximum 48 months as opposed to the organised programme, application for this format is continuous).


2. Requirements and conditions

 General conditions of admission to the doctoral programme are as follows:

  • a university degree certifying university studies concluded by a successful final examination (state examination) and carrying a grade of at least “good” or “cum laude”, or a master’s degree,
  • a language certificate (complex type, level B2) of a state accredited examination in a language required for research into the topic chosen,
  • professional knowledge of appropriate level in the topic chosen, 
  • proven initial scientific/professional achievement (e.g. publication) carries an advantage.

 In the case of studies completed abroad, the applicant has to submit certified copies of the degree and of the documents certifying the duration of the studies and the successful completion of the studies together with authenticated translations of the above documents. 


3. Aspects of assessment

 In the course of the oral admission examination, the admission board ascertains the candidate’s professional knowledge, his/her conceptions concerning the doctoral studies and work, previous activities of a scientific nature, and language proficiency. The board assesses the performance of the candidates by awarding a score on a scale of 100 points. Admission requires a minimum of 60 points. Admission is decided by the Doctoral Council of the University. 


Fee for the admission procedure: 150 €

  4. Tuition fees

 Full-time programme 3500 € / semester

Organised programme with individual timetable 2000 € / semester

Individual preparation outside of an organised programme 1500 € / every year started

 Real costs (for each programme format) 1500 € / year



 Obtaining the doctoral degree is an action independent of the doctoral studies.  

 The application is to be submitted in two full copies with the following supplements:

  • a copy of the master’s degree authenticated by a notary public together with its authenticated translation,
  • the doctoral dissertation and its electronic version, or its title and outline recommended by the academic adviser for acceptance,
  • an abstract booklet (with the theses) in 100 printed copies and in electronic format (with the exception of the case where only the outline of the dissertation is submitted)
  • a document certifying completion of the doctoral studies,
  • documents of the scientific activity, 
  • documents of language proficiency,
  • statement by the candidate that he/she has not had an unsuccessful degree procedure (in the same discipline) within the previous two years,
  • a detailed professional CV,
  • minutes of the departmental discussion of the dissertation (with the exception of the case where only the outline of the dissertation is submitted),
  • a statement on the payment of the fee of the procedure,
  • statements by co-authors,
  • written statement by  the academic adviser on the candidate’s publication activity.


The doctoral dissertation is to be submitted simultaneously with the application, or in the case where only the outline of the dissertation is submitted, within two years of starting the procedure.  

 The doctoral candidate legal status is achieved by application for the procedure of obtaining a doctoral degree and the acceptance of the application. It terminates on the conclusion of the procedure for obtaining a doctoral degree or if the candidate has not submitted the doctoral dissertation within two years of the day of establishing the doctoral candidate legal status. 

 The council of the doctoral school advises the candidate either of starting or of dismissing the procedure.  

When the procedure is started, the council appoints the comprehensive examination board, sets the subjects of the comprehensive examination, and appoints the review committee if the dissertation has been submitted. 

 The comprehensive doctoral examination is a comprehensive, summary form of assessment of the knowledge the doctoral student has acquired in a particular discipline, from which no exemption may be granted. 

 The dissertation is to be defended in a public debate before a review committee. Passing the comprehensive doctoral examination is a prerequisite for defending the dissertation. In the public debate the candidate expounds the theses of the dissertation in a free presentation, and then responds to the remarks and questions of the official reviewers, the other members of the review committee and those attending. 

 The University closes the procedure for obtaining a doctoral degree within two years of accepting the application, with the exception of the case when the dissertation is submitted later than the application. Then the deadline for closing the procedure is prolonged to at most three years. If dissertation defence has been unsuccessful, a new procedure may be started after two years at the earliest, and only once within the same doctoral topic.

 After the successful completion of the doctoral procedure, the University issues a doctoral degree in the Hungarian and English languages, which includes the discipline and branch of the discipline in which the candidate has obtained the doctoral degree.  


Fee of the procedure for obtaining a doctoral degree: 260,000 HUF (appr. 1000 €)