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Research seminar

The PhD student is required to carry out research work of which results must be presented in a research seminar presentation in each semester and also has to submit previously a 20-30 page research report. The PhD student must complete at least seven public research seminars during their training:
  • three ones in the training and research phase, max. 15 credits /research seminar can be given,
  • four ones in the research and dissertation phase, with max. 20 credits/research seminar
  • The formal requirements of the research seminar report can be found on the Formal Requirements page.

In the first semester the PhD student has an opportunity to make a literature review in which the research directions are also marked out.

The research seminar only accepted if the supervisor signs it. It can be presented only in case of a positive review.

The report will be reviewed by an experienced teacher or researcher who is appointed by the Head of the Doctoral School. The PhD student get the evaluation before the presentation. The reviewer will be the same person in order to follow the development of
the research topic.

At the end of every semester’s study period will prepare a minutes which certifies that the PhD student has successfuly completed the tasks.

The research seminars are organized by the Dean Office, the PhD student will be informed of its date and place by e-mail. On the website the program will display on the News page.

Evaluation of the research seminar

The research seminar report can only be submitted for presentation at a seminar if it has been evaluated by the reviewr for more than 60%. At or below 60%, the report can be presented at a next (subsequent) seminar, after consideration and correction of the reviewer and a grade greater than 60%.

The research seminar presentations are evaluated of the graduate members of the audience after the presentation and discussion. The head of the topic must ensure that at least one competent representative of the topic is present at the research seminar in addition of supervisor. If this condition is not met, the research seminar can not be evaluated. The audience will score up to 10 points in each research seminars.

If the grades are over 60%, in the 1-3rd semester 15 credits, in the 5-8th semesters 20 credits can be reach per seminars.The complex exam and the dissertation pre-defence (15 or 20 credits) replace the semester’s research seminar obligation.

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Rules for the Research seminar (more details about the research seminar)