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Complex exam

You can read the summary of the regulations of the complex exam.

Registering to the Complex Exam:

  • Register to MAKDH1 „Complex planning” course at the beginning of the semester.
  • Gaining signature, that has the following requirements: submitting in paper form the „Research progress report and plan” and oral presentation of it

Registering to the Complex Exam:


  • Proof of 90 credit point, which consists of completing:
    • 4 obligatory courses
      3 research seminars
      gaining at least 10 credit points from publications
      other research activity, taking part in education,
      completing optional courses, etc. issued by the Dean’ office
  • filled in application form
  • list of publications from Google Scholar
  • research progress report and plan
  • supervisor’s recommendation


Application deadline:


Date of the Complex Exam:

It must be announced at least 2 weeks in advance by the Doctoral School Committee, it will take place in the exam period.

Language of the Complex Exam:

Hungarian OR English ---- Must be indicated on the application form

Structure of the Complex Exam:

1st part: Taking exam in 2 subjects. The subjects are chosen by the PhD student and the supervisor(s) from the completed
4 major subjects.
2nd part: presenting the research progress report and plan. The schedule of writing the thesis and schedule for publishing
must also be part of it.

Jury of the Complex Exam:

Consist of at least 3 members, from these 3 at least 1 member is NOT an employee of the University of Miskolc.
Additionally, a secretary (must have a PhD degree). All members must have PhD degree.

Evaluation of the Complex Exam:

Grading: either PASSED or FAILED. Can only pass the exam if both part is completed at least with 60 %.
If one fails the 1st complex exam, he/she can redo it in the same exam period. The date of the 2nd complex exam is
decided by the Doctoral School Committee. If a PhD student fails on the 2nd time as well, his/her student states stops
The result must be announced on the day of the complex exam.

Formal requirements of the Research Progress Report and  Plan:

Printed on A4 sheets, between 20 and 30 pages, font size at least 12, line spacing 1,5. On the cover must appear the
followings: name of the doctoral school, name of the PhD student, name of the supervisor(s) and the name of the hosting
institute. Tables, graphs, pictures must be continuously numbered and titled. Must add a reference list according to the
requirements of the scientific field.

Donwloadable contents

Regulations of Complex exam 

Rules of the Complex exam

Application form to the Complex exam