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Obtaining PhD Degree

PhD degree can be obtain at a Doctoral School. The general requirements for obtaining a degree and the conditions required to start the degree procedure are summarized on this page.

General requirements of obtaining a PhD degree


  • obtained ’absolutorium’;
  • presentation of an appropriate level of independent scientific work with articles or reports;
  • proof of the required level of knowledge of two foreign languages;
  • independent solution of a scientific task in connection with the requirements of the degree, submit a dissertation or creation (hereinafter: dissertation), defense of the results summarized in the theses in a public discussion;
  • minutes of the scientific workshop discussion.

Starting of the PhD degree process

The conditions for starting a PhD degree process contains the Regulations of the University of Miskolc for Doctoral Training and Doctoral (PhD) degree acquisiton in §14 for those students who started their studies before September 1, 2016.

The conditions for starting a PhD degree process for PhD students who started their studies after September 1, 2016 are as follows:

  • the request for defense;
  • minutes of the scientific workshop discussion;
  • doctoral dissertation and its electronic version;
  • the thesis booklet of the dissertation in 50 copies and in electronic version;
  • the obtained absolutorium;
  • documents proving the Candidate’s language skills;
  • a statement (Annex 12) that the Candidate (in the same discipline) does not have a doctoral degree procedure in progress, did not have an unsuccessful doctoral defense within two years, and the application for the degree procedure was not rejected within two years;
  • co-author statements.

The doctoral dissertation and its theses must be made available to everyone in electronic form in the Library of Hungarian Scientific Works (MTMT) with an identifier (DOI) in accordance with generally accepted international practice.

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) system is used to identify content found in the digital environment, ensuring the continuity of electronic access to electronic documents on the Internet.

Regarding the marking of PhD dissertations with a DOI identifier, the Senate approved the agreement between the University of Miskolc and the Library and Information Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA KIK) with number of 458/2013., according to which the MTA KIK provides a DOI identifier through the DataCite organization.